06 March 2009

The Allegory of the Hotdog

Each holiday season, Providence-area artisans gather themselves downtown and offer their clever wares at a month-long festival called Craftland. I do a good little bit of Christmas shopping there — though, admittedly, it is mostly for myself.

This past year, I attended the event a bit late, having already done all of my well-deserved self-shopping. I was there merely to browse, and had nothing left I really needed or wanted. Or so I thought. 

Before long, I ended up buying two pieces of art, one by the very talented Jen Corace, and one by another fave of mine, Jaime Zollars. You might think I was finished at that point. You might think I was spent, both literally and figuratively. But no. Not so fast, Kara's wallet.

Wanting to make sure I did my due diligence, I browsed the rest of Craftland, giving each artisan a (however-futile) chance to tempt me. Eventually, I made my way past the kitschy-cool t-shirts and handmade messenger bags and lovely jewelry — all of it wonderful, none of it quite striking me. But there, at the very back, nearly hidden amongst some handmade baby clothes and googly-eyed magnets, was where I saw it.

A crocheted hotdog.

Let it be said that I never imagined such a thing as a crocheted hotdog even existed, let alone that I would feel such a strong desire for it. But it spoke to me in more ways than one — I have a special place in my heart for all things crocheted-with-love (thanks to my grandmother, a crafty lady in her own right), and I believe hotdogs are innately hilarious. So there it was, and there I was, and there my wallet was, and that was that. It was just so strange and funny and audacious, I had to have it. It was exactly what I wanted, exactly what I needed, and I didn't know it until that very moment.

This crocheted hotdog has earned a place of honor on my desk, for two reasons. It's a reminder of the way new ideas and projects can (and should) surprise and enthrall me. And it symbolizes what I'm always striving for in my work, both as an editor and as an author: something strange and funny and audacious. And something that gives you plenty of food for thought. 

Ideally, with relish.

-K : )

P.S. If you'd like to purchase your own crocheted treasure, the artist maintains an Etsy shop here. I don't see any hotdogs there at present, but you could always email for status...


  1. I can see that. I can also see something my dog would cheefully descimate within minutes.


  2. Thanks, LLH! And yes, Kathy, I am very surprised my cat has not appropriated the hotdog for herself. But it IS on my desk, which she knows is off-limits. Some things ARE sacred here, thank goodness!

    -K : )

  3. Hilarious! I would have bought the hotdog, too. Was it one of a kind? Or are there more like it? And where, exactly, would they be? Sad to think that others might not have been so lucky as to have found a home. ;)

  4. I just posted a link to the artist's Etsy shop. Didn't see any hotdogs for sale right now (I'm sure they are a hot commodity) — but I think she had some crocheted cheesecake and crocheted donuts that looked just as fabulous.

  5. You need a crocheted beer to sit next to your hotdog. :oD

  6. Mmmmmm...crocheted donuts....