02 March 2010

Happy Bird-day!

Hello, friends. Can you believe Bluebird Works has been in business a full year already?

Many thanks to all the fine-feathered friends who've been so helpful and supportive over the past 365 days. And tweet regards to my fabulous, brilliant clients; working with each one of you was such a pleasure, I almost didn't want you to leave the nest! I'm thrilled for those who have found agents and publishers who love your stories as much as I do, and I'm always happy to offer encouragement and advice to those who haven't found the right match yet.

As for me, I'm slowly recovering from some much-needed shoulder surgery, and hoping for more great clients and projects over the coming year. Also, I'm going to look for ways to find a bit more time to write; I have a few of my own ideas in the works, and I can't wait to get them off the ground. To that end, I'm sorry to say I've officially decided to stop blogging; I will, however, maintain my Twitter feed, @karalareau, so you can keep up with my advice and observations on editing, writing, and life in 140-character installments.

Here's to another year of satisfying work, simple pleasures, and soaring to new heights.

Be well and keep writing!
Kara : )

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  1. Hope you heal quickly, Kara! Would love to see you in the coming months.