25 August 2009

Revising: Do Not Disturb

I gave myself until the end of August to finish my revision. As of this writing, I have six days and a few hours left. In between, I have a bit of editing to do, and my husband is hoping we might spend some time cleaning the house this weekend, as the past few weeks have made it too hot to move around here, let alone snap on some rubber gloves and wield a toilet brush.

In other words, no major blog revelations this week. But if I do manage to meet my self-imposed deadline, I'm sure I'll have a lot to say in about a week. Until then, I hope you all manage to enjoy what remains of August — which, ideally, should include getting your hands on some frozen lemonade, either via your nearest Del's, or using this to whip up some of your own.

Stay cool,


  1. Good luck! Best wishes in your new chapter of life at Bluebird Works. Thanks for all your advice and inspiration ~ Lauren Minco