29 July 2009

Things that Currently Interest Me, July Edition

1. The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

2. Nurse Jackie, my new (anti)hero

3. A tall glass of freshly-squeezed lemonade, with or without a shot of homemade limoncello

4. Spending a long weekend sitting by a pool, doing absolutely nothing

5. Realizing my shoulder pain may be all in my head

6. A date at the drive-in

7. Icebox cake 

8. Being invited to other people's cookouts, since we don't have a grill

9. Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, which compels me to travel — and, of course, EAT

10. A finished, however wonky, first draft. (More on this tk...)

And you?


  1. 1. A glass of delicious Lillet

    2. Outdoor theater (ie. Shakespeare at Barnsdall Park, a concert at the Hollywood Bowl or the Greek Theater, a movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery)

    3. Old BBC shows. (Currently The Duchess of Duke Street)

    4. Modern dance class.

    5. Sparkling conversation over a lovely dinner with good friends.

    6. Midafternoon Matinees (mmm for air conditioning)

    7. Planning cool artsy events

    8. Working on my new novel. (however wonky as you say)

    9. Ice cubes

    10. Farmers Markets

  2. Ah, Lillet! Haven't had any in a while; I should go get some.

    And how exciting that you are working on something new! Is this something I've heard about?

    Love & ice cubes,
    K : )

  3. Wow! I feel like I'm on vacation just reading these.....

  4. Glad to offer you a bit of bloggy Calgon, Bink! : )

  5. It is the thing that you smartly gave me bluebird advice on! And it is one million times more magnificent because of our conversation about it.