22 June 2009

Found While Cleaning My House Last Week

(Lower-left corner nibbled by cat.)

Apologies for not staying in touch, friends; I was away, and returned to overwhelming deadlines and more than a few meetings with clients. And this week, I'm getting ready for my teaching engagements and my upcoming writing retreat. Also, in between, I've been cleaning my house and doing some gardening, much-needed chores I've put off for too long.

I'll be back in action next week, when I promise to update you all on my teaching and retreating experiences. In the meantime, I hope you're all giving yourselves the time and space you need to be your brilliantly-creative selves — and certainly, I hope we're all going to see more than a little bit of sun in the coming days.  I like a bit of rain now and then, but this is downright dispiriting.


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