22 April 2009

Things That Currently Interest Me, April Edition

1. This song from chanteuse Melody Gardot, which I cannot get out of my head (and don't want to)

2. French Milk by Lucy Knisley

3. A cup of vanilla tea, with Social Tea biscuits on the side

4. "In Treatment" and the ├╝ber-foxy Gabriel Byrne, who can analyze me anytime

5. Saltwater sandals (I'm thinking yellow, but am equally drawn to the red)

6. Getting a pedicure, in the hope that I'll be wearing open-toed shoes soon

7. Pilot Varsity pens

8. A bird-in-a-nest on homemade bread with a side of bacon (if you don't want to make it yourself, and you live in the Park Slope area, a delicious version found here)

9. The rebirth of all things green

10. SCBWI New England and all the cool cats who will be attending. (I'll be there — will you?)

What's been interesting you this month?


  1. 1. Gold gladiator sandals (last season, but so what?)
    2. Bean seedlings started indoors
    3. The tornado siren yowling for REAL today, not just a first-Wednesday test
    4. The Gift by Hafiz, an under-appreciated Sufi poet
    5. Drinking caipirinhas (Brazilian cocktails) near an open window

  2. Nice. (Except for the tornado siren thing. To which I say, whoa.)

    I've never had caipirinhas before — how do they compare to mojitos?

  3. Caipirinhas are mojitos without the mint. Muddled lime, sugar and sugarcane rum. Yum!